Medjool Date and Apple Charoset Recipe

Charoset_02 Charoset_01

Ashkenazi Jews, those with Eastern European roots, prepare their charoset very differently than the the Sephardic Jews hailing from the Middle East and the Iberian Peninsula. The Eastern European charoset typically includes fresh apples, walnuts, cinnamon, and wine. Sephardic Jews on the the other hand, prepare theirs with dried fruits — usually dates and raisins — and a variety of mixed nuts, wine, and plenty of spices.

My mom was raised in Jerusalem, in a traditional Ashkenazi home, and grew up eating the classic apple-walnut version. Once she married, moved to the U.S., and started hosting her own Passover Seders, she mixed in dates and pecans into her mother’s original recipe. She created the perfect blend, and fused the two cultures by picking the best ingredients of both worlds.

This bicultural charoset recipe is made with tart Granny Smith apples, sweet and creamy Medjool dates, a medley of pecans and walnuts, a drizzle of honey, a generous splash of wine, and a pinch of spice. My mother’s charoset recipe is a family favorite — it’s fresh, succulent, and takes only minutes to prepare. Be sure to make extras as your guests will be scraping the bottom of the bowl, and you’re going to want leftovers for snacking on during the week and to mix into your morning yogurt or porridge.


Head over to The Kitchn to check out the entire recipe. Also be sure to read my latest recipe post: Charoset Ice Cream

Happy Passover!


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