Almond Clusters

  Trying to find that ultimate sweet companion for your cup of tea? Look no further.

  These Almond Clusters are perfectly crisp and nearly effortless.

19 thoughts on “Almond Clusters

  1. These look delicious! What exactly is “superfine sugar” though? Can I use regular sugar? Or even raw sugar to make it a bit healthier? Thanks!

    • Hey Sara! Superfine sugar is the same as granulated, except with a finer grain that is recommended for baked goods. I’m not sure if the raw sugar will dissolve as well, and you would have to alter the measurements. It might be possible but I would do some research beforehand. Let me know how they turn out! 🙂

  2. I just love your photography and the layout of the recipes on your blog. This post is short and sweet but the simplicity highlights the the deliciousness of the almond clusters. I will definitely be trying these out soon – just a note on the cup measurements. How large is a cupful roughly? (ideally in grams)

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